Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fake Tan !

Hello Girls !
So firstly another apology for the lack of posts, I started my A levels this week at college and was spending time on being a good student and getting to know everyone in my new classes and organising everything, but now thats mostly sorted I'm back here to do posts...:)

So I'm going to do this post on fake tan because it's the beginning of Autumn/Winter and keeping that gorgeous sunkissed look is very important to me! I have three products which I use which I will write further about below... but they are the Dove Summer Glow, Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine and Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze.

Dove Summer Glow
I use this in medium to dark and this is for when I want a really deep golden brown, this has such a gorgeous colour and looks really natural, and providing you allow it to soak in and dry properly pretty streak free even coverage! I just replace my everyday moisturiser with this for about a week and i'll look like i've been on some tropical holiday abroad, I love it ! The only thing I would say is the smell is well it's very fake tan, and the smell does linger for a while too which is the only thing that brings this down! As well as the fact if you get this on cream carpet it leaves a nice little stain regardless of attempts to clean it up, that's a warning to you girls !

Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine
This is for when my face starts to look pasty and dull, an amazing daily moisturiser which gives a lovely colour and has a hint of shimmer in it to make you really glow! It is quite greasy so I wouldn't reccomend it for oily skin, but it's perfect if you've got dry skin. It doesn't smell too bad and it's got SPF 15 in it which I find alot of lower end moisturisers often don't !
Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze Express Pro
This is a self-tanning dry mist which is absolutely love! I have repurchased this countless times, at the moment I'm using it in light for a natural glow but I also find the medium really good for a deeper colour, but this is just amazing for all year round keeping you looking glowing. It's so easy to apply, it's got a professional diffuser spray so it goes on in minutes and takes seconds to try, it's completely streak free and actually smells nice (ish) This looks absolutely perfect and lasts a really long time! The only thing is it will dry your skin out a bit but at the price you pay who can complain? I think it's about £11 a can.

Does anyone else use any of these, or have any fake tan reccomendations?
Much Love Rachael xoxo


  1. I always used to use Dove because it was fairly easy to apply and gave a nice brown colour as opposed to orange! Now I use St Moriz mousse and St Tropez Daily Tanner :) x x

  2. yep, I use Doves summer glow on the run up to summer - great for my skin and I love the end result!

    I love Rimmels Sun Shimmer, esp when my legs are a tad too pale to be sporting a skirt or shorts. It goes on easily and can be washed off, very handy :)

  3. I use st moriz mousse or st tropez..their really good! I'm allergic to the Dove one?! weird! just found your blog! x

  4. I tried Dove products it's really fascinating, especially in the summer and winter skin need to very carefully. I liked a blog anyway you're beautiful without anything =)

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  6. My favourite self-tanner is Saint Tropez but I need to try St Moritz!!

  7. I do like a bit of L'Oreal Sublime Gel but my absolute favourite has to be Xen Tan - quite pricey but seriously amazing stuff! x

  8. i also like having a bronzed glow throughout the year. i used to use this generic fake tanner that worked like magic from a drugstore then they discontinued it! grr. now i use Jergens gradual tan lotion. in 24 hours, you'll be ready to go!
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  9. I get a spray tan in town. I'm to scared to do it on my own! ♥

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  11. <3 the dove xx :)

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