Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fake Tan !

Hello Girls !
So firstly another apology for the lack of posts, I started my A levels this week at college and was spending time on being a good student and getting to know everyone in my new classes and organising everything, but now thats mostly sorted I'm back here to do posts...:)

So I'm going to do this post on fake tan because it's the beginning of Autumn/Winter and keeping that gorgeous sunkissed look is very important to me! I have three products which I use which I will write further about below... but they are the Dove Summer Glow, Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine and Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze.

Dove Summer Glow
I use this in medium to dark and this is for when I want a really deep golden brown, this has such a gorgeous colour and looks really natural, and providing you allow it to soak in and dry properly pretty streak free even coverage! I just replace my everyday moisturiser with this for about a week and i'll look like i've been on some tropical holiday abroad, I love it ! The only thing I would say is the smell is well it's very fake tan, and the smell does linger for a while too which is the only thing that brings this down! As well as the fact if you get this on cream carpet it leaves a nice little stain regardless of attempts to clean it up, that's a warning to you girls !

Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine
This is for when my face starts to look pasty and dull, an amazing daily moisturiser which gives a lovely colour and has a hint of shimmer in it to make you really glow! It is quite greasy so I wouldn't reccomend it for oily skin, but it's perfect if you've got dry skin. It doesn't smell too bad and it's got SPF 15 in it which I find alot of lower end moisturisers often don't !
Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze Express Pro
This is a self-tanning dry mist which is absolutely love! I have repurchased this countless times, at the moment I'm using it in light for a natural glow but I also find the medium really good for a deeper colour, but this is just amazing for all year round keeping you looking glowing. It's so easy to apply, it's got a professional diffuser spray so it goes on in minutes and takes seconds to try, it's completely streak free and actually smells nice (ish) This looks absolutely perfect and lasts a really long time! The only thing is it will dry your skin out a bit but at the price you pay who can complain? I think it's about £11 a can.

Does anyone else use any of these, or have any fake tan reccomendations?
Much Love Rachael xoxo

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A little apology...

...For my absence, I started college this week so things have been a little hectic, but tommorow I am promising a lovely post for you all :)
Much Love Rachael xoxo

Saturday, 4 September 2010

My Holy Grail Hair Product

Aussie Hair Cair 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor! Possibly my favourite hair product ever? This stuff is completely affordable and makes your hair feel absolutely amazing, I use it once a week and it keeps my hair in excellent condition, considering the torture I put my hair through day to day (blow-drying, straightening, backcombing ect...) It's got a really nice thick, creamy consitency, and don't even get me started on the smell, this stuff has the most amazing sweet, yummy, delicious smell ever! If I could find a perfume that smelt like this it would be my new signature scent. For anyone who hasn't tried this I am telling you to go out and buy it, I buy the full size bottle but if you just want to try it you can get it in mini single use sachets and bottles, sort of like travel size ones. One thing I am curious about is some of the other 3 Minute Miracles such as luscious long and take the heat, so I might give a different one a try to review.

What are everyone one elses HG hair product?
Much Love Rachael xoxo

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Erase Paste!

So I popped into my local benefit counter the other day to pick up a product i've been wanting to try for a while, their erase paste concealer. I heard good things about it for covering dark circles, and the lady at the counter said it was voted best undereye concealer by |Goks Fashion Fix ! And if Gok Wan Loves it is must be good!

I also got a free sample of their foundation 'Some Kind-a Gorgeous' which is one thing I love about my local benefit counter, they give you free samples everytime you buy something!
Benefit say its a brightening camouflage for eyes and face, and I totally agree, this stuff is amazing! A little goes a long way because it's so creamy and pigmented, it definitely does brighten the area and stays on all day, I also love the fact it doesn't crease or dry out my eye area! It came with a little white spatula which I don't think I'd ever really use and the instruction booklet would be great for a beginner, even at £18.50 for this iddy biddy jar I think it's completely worth it, best product i've brought in a while !

Much Love Rachael xoxo

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Rapunzel Rapunzel

Let down your hair....

Hellloo Lovelies :)
So this is going to be my review of Rapunzel Rapunzel 100% Human Hair Remi Extensions, so I guess i'll start with a before picture...

... and an after picture, if just to let you know the lighting in the next picture is terrible, I took the before photo this morning before work and the after picture just now when I was home from work so there isn't any natural light.

I'm really pleased with the quality of these extensions and the amazing next day delivery when you order them online for only 3.95! You get a really generous amount of hair, One 4 Clip Weft, One 3 Clip Weft, Two 2 Clip wefts and Two 1 Clip wefts so you can do your whole head as apposed to just the underneath or half the head which I've seen some people do, and they're 18 inches long.
The clips are really good quality and the extensions are a really reasonable price. The one downside to getting them online is it makes it hard to choose the right colour but I went for medium brown and it matches perfectly.
In terms of them actually in my hair they don't add that much lenght maybe an inch but they make it so think and voluptuous and just looks gorgeous, it just makes a really big difference, although you can't really tell in the photograph. I'm sooo pleased with these extensions and would definitely reccomend the brand for good quality extensions at affordable prices. However I could not wear these everyday they would irritate me and add more time onto they already ridiculous amount of time I take to get ready!

Has anyone else tried RapunzelRapunzel, or maybe another brand of extensions?
Muchhh Love Rachael xoxo

Monday, 30 August 2010


Hi Lovelies! This is sort of a FOTD/ Share the Love Post, I did my face of the day using a video tutorial by Jennifer Rosellen. I pretty much used all the products she shows this blog except for foundation, the cream blush, and Mascara. I used my own foundation routine and then just used her blush and smoky eye tutorial. I used Nars Orgasm Blush and Benefit High Beam on my cheeks then as a different Mascara I used Lancome Hypnose Drama, my favourite Mascara EVER! If you want a review let me know!! :)
Check out her Blog here
And her Youtube Channel,

And also I've booked myself in at my local Toni and Guy for a MUCH needed haircut, I want to have it a bit more styled but keep it long so I might do a post on possible cuts? I also just ordered some Rapunzel Rapunzel Remi Straight Extensions, so when they come excpect a review also !

Hope you're all making the most of your last few days in August, goodbye summer :(
Much love, Rachael xoxo

Saturday, 28 August 2010

5 Skincare Products I Use Everyday

So most of the time I use a few other products as well but these are the ones I use pretty much without fail everyday, although to be frank this does change fairly often with the discovery of new and better products! I've never found anything accepy palmers cocoa butter I would never consider changing, I'm always open to new products and trying things out!

So I'm going to go clockwise starting from the top !
First is facewipes, no brand in particular I change brand depending on the first ones I can happen to get my hands on when I run out, this month I asked my dad to buy me some and he brought me back sainsburys ones for, they work perfectly fine, don't irritate my skin, take of my makeup and if I was really pushed for time or really packing late I would be able to get away with using these alone.

Next is Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, I use this everyday as my all over body moisturiser, it has such a yummy smell, it's really rich and creamy, it goes on nicely and absorbs well but it's also improved my scars and helped get rid of the spots on the back of my arms, you know the ones I mean? The weird little red pimply things.

Simple Moisturiser, a really rich simple moisturiser that keeps my skin moisturised all day, it doesn't do anything special but it works and it's affordable, there's no smell to it either which I actually like sometimes it doesn't feel quite right rubbing strongly scented product on my face!

Vaseline with Aloe Vera, need I explain? I have tonnes of these in every bag I own, in coat pockets and stashed away in various other places, ultimate lip product in my opinion, I apply before gloss and lipstick and I use to restore chapped lips, I rub it on my cuticles as well to make them nice and soft!

Garnier Clean Detox Face Wash, I use this morning and night and it makes my skin really glowy and doesn't strip it of moisture, it smells really nice and fresh too ! It's for normal skin and I wouldn't reccomend it if you suffer from breakouts because it won't really do anything for you but for me it's just perfect!

I've also just noticed a bit of a green theme among my products, this was totally by acciddent, maybe i'm just atracted to green packaging?

Hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend, much love...
Rachael xoxo