Saturday, 28 August 2010

5 Skincare Products I Use Everyday

So most of the time I use a few other products as well but these are the ones I use pretty much without fail everyday, although to be frank this does change fairly often with the discovery of new and better products! I've never found anything accepy palmers cocoa butter I would never consider changing, I'm always open to new products and trying things out!

So I'm going to go clockwise starting from the top !
First is facewipes, no brand in particular I change brand depending on the first ones I can happen to get my hands on when I run out, this month I asked my dad to buy me some and he brought me back sainsburys ones for, they work perfectly fine, don't irritate my skin, take of my makeup and if I was really pushed for time or really packing late I would be able to get away with using these alone.

Next is Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, I use this everyday as my all over body moisturiser, it has such a yummy smell, it's really rich and creamy, it goes on nicely and absorbs well but it's also improved my scars and helped get rid of the spots on the back of my arms, you know the ones I mean? The weird little red pimply things.

Simple Moisturiser, a really rich simple moisturiser that keeps my skin moisturised all day, it doesn't do anything special but it works and it's affordable, there's no smell to it either which I actually like sometimes it doesn't feel quite right rubbing strongly scented product on my face!

Vaseline with Aloe Vera, need I explain? I have tonnes of these in every bag I own, in coat pockets and stashed away in various other places, ultimate lip product in my opinion, I apply before gloss and lipstick and I use to restore chapped lips, I rub it on my cuticles as well to make them nice and soft!

Garnier Clean Detox Face Wash, I use this morning and night and it makes my skin really glowy and doesn't strip it of moisture, it smells really nice and fresh too ! It's for normal skin and I wouldn't reccomend it if you suffer from breakouts because it won't really do anything for you but for me it's just perfect!

I've also just noticed a bit of a green theme among my products, this was totally by acciddent, maybe i'm just atracted to green packaging?

Hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend, much love...
Rachael xoxo

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