Sunday, 22 August 2010

todays buys

So I managed to sneak in a quick trip into boots today before work to buy some lip balm, well of course I ended up endlessly browsing through all the make-up but suprislingly I managed to be very conservative with my buys!
First I got lipbalm, would of been a bit ditzy if I forgot the one thing I went in for !
This is one of those does exactly what it says on the tin (pot) products, makes my lips feel super soft and has a lovely silky texture similar to body shops lip butters but without the smells! And you get loads in the pot!

Then I got some No. 7 eyeshadows in 45 Emerald and 60 comet. There meant to be stay perfect eyeshadows, which I can't really comment on because i'll probably never wear them! They have hardly any pigment in the and they are impossible to blend and get an even look with, they come out all patchy, I'm so dissapointed with these but at least it's a lesson learnt, I won't be buying these again !

Then last of all but my most favourite purchase  I brought some lovely Coralista by Benefit Blush, this is actually a repurchase because my other one is coming to an end but this is my favourite go-to blush! It just makes you look really awake and radiant and it suits tanned and paler complexions and it smells yummy too ! Or maybe thats just me? It's got just the right amount of shimmer as well !

Remember "Beauty is a form of genius" - Oscar Wilde

Much love Rachael xoxo


  1. i've never liked n07 eyeshadows, agree with you!
    and that coralista blush is amazing,i need to own this haha!:)xxx

  2. Nice Post like ur Blog


  3. I'd love to see the Coralista blush on you, it looks fantastic. xoxo

  4. Hello :)
    I bought coralista the other day too, def agree with everything you said! I'm thinking I'll have to pick up hoola next.

  5. great reviews, shame about the no.7 eyeshadow! i love love love coralista, but recently lost mine! boo. x