Thursday, 26 August 2010

MUA Eye Shadow Review

So I was just browsing in Superdrug, when I came across a new brand they have stocked called MUA ( Make-Up Academy), everything was £1 so I was thinking that they were going to be pretty poor, but I swatched some shadows on my hand anyway and I was pleasantly suprised ! Most of the shadows were really good quality and had really nice colour and pigment to them so I picked up a couple! I got the Shade 20 Matt and Shade 12 Pearl.

On the left is the Shade 12 Pearl, it's a really gorgeous reddy brown which when you swatch it has green undertone, it's hard to explain you can see it better in the swatch but it's really gorgeous ! And on the right is a nearly black matt shade (Shade 20, Matt) which comes out really dark and pigmented unlike other black or grey drugstore shadows i've tried, where the colour barely comes out at all. When you put them on they are a little bit messy and hard to work with but once you've got it right they look really pretty on! The packagin is also pretty plain and not great but for £1 and with the quality of the shadow it's self who really cares!

On the right is the Shade 20 Matt and the left is the Shade12 Pearl. You can see in the right one the green sheen coming thorugh although the flash washed the colours out a little bit! But I would definitely reccomend you check this brand out, I didnt test any of the other products, if any one has i'd love to hear what you think of them!

Also I was thinking of maybe doing a video post? What do you think?

Much Love
Rachael xoxo


  1. Hi Rachel! These eyeshadows look beautiful! I have not tried this brand before, but it looks good!
    Hands up for the video post, for sure!
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  2. Great review! I havn't tried this brand before, but for just £1, i will defo be getting some! So thanks for the info :)
    Great blog too, consider me a follower :)

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  3. Thats an amazing price for eyeshadow.
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  4. love video posts!

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    Happy Friday! :) x

  5. Hi new follower :) love yr blog keep it up ;)