Monday, 23 August 2010

Olay Total Effects Self Heating Exfoliator - Review

So i'll be honest I didn't actually go out and purchase this product, this is the face wash my mum uses but as I left my product by the sink when I was in the shower I decided it would be easier to just use this one, it says it exfoliating so it's good enough for me!
And I am so glad I came across this, it's a little unconventional for me to use this since it's an anti aging product but seriously this make's your skin look and feel so much better, it helped reduce my pore size and it made it uber soft and smooth, it's slef heating so when you apply it onto your face it heats up and it gets to a really good temprature not just a little bit warm but the sort of heat you'd usually wash with, and unlike some exfoliating products which have a few large bits to scrub this has loads of 'micro' one so it's gentler but it goes further as well. It's not too expensive either, I looked it up and you can get it in superdrug for around £7! Becuase it's for mature skin it probably wouldn't be suited for oily skin but if you've got normal to dry skin I think it would be great.

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These are my favourites...

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  1. I love this product so much - I've used it regularly for about 4 years now and can really tell such a difference when I use it. And if it slows the ageing process, even better!