Saturday, 21 August 2010

mulberry-esque bag!

I was soo excited when I found this bag in new look! Especially since I get 50 % staff discount but even at full price £25 it's still worth it !
I got it because I thought it looked a little bit mulberry-esque, and it comes in black, blue or brown, but being a traditionalist I went for brown, it's just a really gorgeous satchel bag and I have seen similar in other highstreet shops but this is the cheapest one I found! It's really rooomy inside and altough it's not real leather it's really not a problem beacause it's a good quality substitute and lets me honest if it was leather it would of seriously bumped up the price !

Two more things which made my day... I found my camera lead ! Yay :) And my new bed which i've been nagging my mum to order for about a year comes today, it's a gorgeous day bed with a white frame, i'll post a picture later .

Much love Rachael xoxo


  1. Lush bag! Primark did one couple months back. But the New Look one is a lot nicer! xo

  2. Love the bag, it's gorgeous and such a bargain.

  3. Ats gorgeous :)

    Im now your newest follower btw <3 !


  4. How cute! I was looking for a bag like this in New Look the other day but couldn't find one, had to settle for an oversized dark navy bag from Accessorize instead! x