Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Rapunzel Rapunzel

Let down your hair....

Hellloo Lovelies :)
So this is going to be my review of Rapunzel Rapunzel 100% Human Hair Remi Extensions, so I guess i'll start with a before picture...

... and an after picture, if just to let you know the lighting in the next picture is terrible, I took the before photo this morning before work and the after picture just now when I was home from work so there isn't any natural light.

I'm really pleased with the quality of these extensions and the amazing next day delivery when you order them online for only 3.95! You get a really generous amount of hair, One 4 Clip Weft, One 3 Clip Weft, Two 2 Clip wefts and Two 1 Clip wefts so you can do your whole head as apposed to just the underneath or half the head which I've seen some people do, and they're 18 inches long.
The clips are really good quality and the extensions are a really reasonable price. The one downside to getting them online is it makes it hard to choose the right colour but I went for medium brown and it matches perfectly.
In terms of them actually in my hair they don't add that much lenght maybe an inch but they make it so think and voluptuous and just looks gorgeous, it just makes a really big difference, although you can't really tell in the photograph. I'm sooo pleased with these extensions and would definitely reccomend the brand for good quality extensions at affordable prices. However I could not wear these everyday they would irritate me and add more time onto they already ridiculous amount of time I take to get ready!

Has anyone else tried RapunzelRapunzel, or maybe another brand of extensions?
Muchhh Love Rachael xoxo


  1. They look lovely! I really want some extensions just for extra thickness but I dont think these would be long enough x

  2. @GoldenGlow try
    they do 20 inch ones which are supppper long or
    they have better range of lenghths! :)